Science/STEM at P.S. 62Q

Science is magic! Science is wonder! Science is exploration! Our students build upon their prior knowledge as they hypothesize, observe, manipulate, collect & analyze data, make connections and draw conclusions about Science content, concepts and the world around them. They are true mini-scientists!

At PS 62, we are pioneers of STEM; our students are not only scientists, but also engineers! We have partnered with the New York Hall of Science (NYSci) to help incorporate STEM in our curriculum. STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Throughout the year, students are given challenges that incorporate all four disciplines. In cooperative learning groups, they use the Engineering Design Process to solve challenges.

Our teachers use a combination of Science programs and techniques to inspire a love of Science and STEM. Classroom teachers use a program called FOSS to teach Science concepts. We have two Science/STEM Teachers and one Play Lab Teacher. For more information about our staff, please see below.

About Our Staff

Ms. Maletta

Ms. Maletta loves learning. She builds upon children’s natural curiosity, wonder and problem solving skills to foster a love of inquiry, Science and STEM. Ms. Maletta has been teaching at PS 62 since 2004. She became a Science Cluster in 2012 and the first PS 62 STEM Cluster in 2015. Ms. Maletta constantly expands her pedagogical repertoire by seeking out new professional development opportunities. Her expansive knowledge of the NYS standards has fostered her creation of an engaging and innovative Science curriculum. In addition, Ms. Maletta has facilitated partnerships with multiple organizations including: the New York Hall of Science (NYSci), BioBus and Uncharted Play.

This year, Ms. Maletta teaches 1st Grade STEM and 4th Grade Science. After school on Tuesdays, you can find her advising the 5th Grade STEM Club.

Mr. Nieves


Grade 1: STEM with Ms. Maletta: Students use engineering challenges to explore Science concepts. After a brief introduction to STEM, students begin an Animal Diversity Unit. This STEM Unit coordinates with the first Science Unit in the NYC Scope and Sequence.
For more information, please see Ms. Maletta's STEM Website.

Grade 2: STEM with Mr. Nieves:

Grade 3: Science with Mr. Nieves:

Grade 4: Science with Ms. Maletta: Students in 4th grade face the challenge of excelling on the NYS Science Test. Please see Ms. Maletta's Science website for more details and information on how you can help your child prepare for this test. Ms. Maletta and the fourth grade teachers work collaboratively to teach the 4th grade Science curriculum. Here are some excerpts from the NYC Scope and Sequence that describe each unit:

  • Animals and Plants in their Environments: Plants, animals and their environment are interdependent. Plants and animals interact in a number of ways that affect their survival. The survival of plants and animals varies, in response to their particular environment. As the physical environment changes over time, plants and animals adaptation. (Taught by Ms. Maletta)
  • Electricity & Magnetism: Students will understand characteristics and properties of electricity and magnetism. They will also understand the relationship between electricity and magnetism. The focus will be on simple circuits, conductivity and magnetic force. (Taught by Ms. Maletta)
  • Properties of Water: Students observe and describe properties of materials, using appropriate tools. Students describe chemical and physical changes, including changes in states of matter with an emphasis on water. (FOSS Program taught by your child’s classroom teacher.)
  • Interactions of Air, Water & Land: The water cycle, weather, erosion, deposition, and extreme natural events involve interactions among air, water, and land. (Taught by your child’s classroom teacher.)

Grade 5: STEM with Mr. Nieves: