Policies & Procedures


September 2023

We stress the importance of continuity in instruction. Children should come to school everyday. Parents should plan vacations to coincide with the school calendar. In the event that a student is expected to be absent for an extended period, parents need to come to school to fill out a form and present documentation (airline tickets, itinerary).
If your child is absent, be sure to send a note stating the date(s) of and reason for the absence (illness, family emergency, etc) when your child returns to school. Sending a note will not remove the absence from your child's records, it just provides information so that the absence can be properly recorded. If it’s due to an illness, a note from a doctor or health-care professional should be provided. Children absent for religious observance should bring a note beforehand, in order for the absence to be excused.

Arrival and Dismissal

September 2023

  1. School hours are as follows:
    • Regular hours
      Monday - Friday 8:00-2:20
    • Please be on time: The school day starts promptly at 8:00 am. Students who arrive late will be required to enter through the main entrance and get a late pass at the security desk.
    • Free breakfast is available for all students starting at 7:20am.
  2. Early Pick-up
    • If your child is ill, please go to the main office after you have signed in at the security desk. School personnel will then notify the nurse of your arrival. You may not go directly to the nurse’s office.
    • If you are picking up your child early, be sure to send a note to your child’s teacher. Children may not be excused from school before dismissal time unless called for by an adult, who must report to the office to sign the child out. A secretary will notify the teacher who will then send the child to the office. No child may be released to a person who is not listed on the emergency home contact card.
    • For safety reasons, students will only be released to those people listed on the Emergency Home Contact Information form. Be sure to keep your emergency contact information up to date.
    • Only an adult or sibling (18 or older) or relative that is named on the blue contact card can pick up children at dismissal. Children may walk home unescorted if the school has a written permission on file.


September 2023

The Chancellor's Regulations mandate a minimum time allotment on homework for students throughout the City. At PS62Q, we have determined that students must spend minimum of 1 hour daily on homework.
Students should:

  • record all assignments in the homework notebook
  • have a quiet place to work with no distractions
  • work to the best of their ability
  • assume responsibility for getting and doing missed assignment

Parents Should

  • provide support and encouragement that is crucial for the child's performance
  • show interest and concern for the child's success
  • ask about assignments and help, when requested by child
  • expect students to be given homework regularly
  • request homework assignment for extended absences

All children should take home a book to read every evening (children in the lower grades should carry theirs in a zip-lock bag).

Homework assignments are posted on Google classroom.

Home-School Connection

Parents may request conferences before 8:00 am, after 2:15pm, during teacher’s preparation periods or Monday mornings from 7:20 am - 8:00 am (Please check with your child's teacher about the schedule).

Please utilize conferences, phone calls, and notes as necessary to keep open lines of communication between the school and home.

PS 62 has a Parent-Teacher Association. The PTA Co-Presidents are Gurpreet Kaur & Reanna Guleria . The PTA makes numerous gifts throughout the year to advance our educational programs. Please join the PTA and attend PTA meetings. Your involvement in your children’s education will strengthen the home-school partnership.


Jessie Nunez is the trip coordinator. Pupils must have the written consent of their parents/guardians to accompany a class on a trip. There will be no exceptions

For each trip, parents will receive a consent slip detailing all pertinent information, i.e., date, time, place, cost, food arrangement, etc. The tear-off sheet must be signed and returned to the teacher.

Parents of children who have not returned slips will be contacted at least three days prior to the trip. A verbal notification of permission to go on a trip will not be acceptable

Children who take medications (e.g. asthma pump) and are categorized as non self-administrators may not bring their medication on a trip unless a parent or an appointed adult accompanies them to administer the medication.

For information on school trips, please refer to Chancellor's Regulation A-670.

Uniform Policy

September 2023

  1. Yellow shirt, either short or long sleeves
  2. Blue pants (boys) and a skirt/jumper/pants (girls)
  3. Blue sweater or sweatshirt

All students must wear the school uniform this year as mandated in the Chancellor’s Regulation A665. Jeans are not permitted. On gym days – a navy sweat suit can be worn.

Please come to school with a neat, focused and serious appearance and demeanor, ready to learn.


PS 62 Celebrates Respect for All by carrying respect with us everyday.


Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution is the practice of settling disputes between children in a peaceful and fair manner by using peer mediation. In Conflict Resolution lessons children are taught many skills through discussion and role play. Some of these topics are listed below:

  • Peer mediation
  • How to communicate with each other.
  • Good listening skills
  • Using I messages
  • How to build their self esteem
  • How to deal with regular bullying and cyber bullying.
  • How to make friends
  • Respecting differences.

Our Conflict Resolution lessons help to promote a concept of fairness and responsibility in students within the classroom and school community.

Report Cards

You will receive your child's report card three times each school year. Please examine this report carefully and sign it. If a teacher changes a mark, it will be initialed. The number of days of absence and lateness is indicated in the report card. If you have any questions, please contact the subject teacher or grade supervisor.

School Alerts

Parents, please subscribe to 311 to get emergency alerts on your phone, text message, and e-mail.