Principal's Page

August 28, 2020

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

I hope this finds you and your family well despite this summer of uncertainty. I know you must feel anxious as we as a City listen to the news and make decisions for our children’s well being. We all want to resume life as it was at PS 62, a safe and friendly school where children play, learn and grow together and as we begin to rebuild that community, the first priority will be on the safety of our students, staff and families. Half of our families have chosen to be fully remote and half to be ‘in person’ in a blended model following the Chancellors recommended Model 2.

I know you have many questions and some of these are just being addressed this week so I will try to answer as many as I can in a live meeting on Thursday, September 3rd at 10am. For now here are some answers to your top questions about in person learning.

  • Face coverings will be provided if you do not have your own (for students and adults)
  • Hand sanitizers are installed in every classroom
  • Students will stay as one group and will not mix with other groups.
  • Specialist teachers will come to the students’ classroom.
  • The lunchroom will not be used for eating.
  • Breakfast will be in the classroom as it was last year.
  • Students will have an instructional lunch in the classroom.
  • Random temperature checks of students and staff will be taken.
  • Parents and visitors will not be permitted into the building except for one adult with pre-k students (communication will be by virtual meetings, phone calls, etc)
  • The ventilation system has been fully checked and cleaned and is working as designed.
  • Markings are being placed throughout the building for single file and six feet designations.
  • Plexiglass has been installed by security and in the main office.
  • Classes will have between 5-12 students depending upon the size of the room.
  • No students will be learning in a room without a window.
  • Outdoor lineup will be marked to ensure six feet distances between individuals.
  • There will be less than 200 students per day so the yard will not be crowded.
  • Parents should not walk up to teachers to engage them in conversation. We will communicate with you via Operoo, Google Classroom and Remind.

At PS 62, we have the best staff and they miss your children very much and wish nothing more than to see them again. Several members of our staff however have been approved to work remotely due to health concerns and this includes myself. I will continue to serve the families of PS 62 remotely while my three Assistant Principals will be the supervisors at the school building.

Please note that while the Department of Education has not released a School Calendar, we have been informed that the first day of school is September 10th and this will be for Group B only.

Angela O’Dowd - Principal

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year to returning families as well as those who are new to our school. As a community we are excited to be partners with you in achieving your child’s academic and social/emotional goals this year.

Our School Vision is to prepare all students for their future. A large percent of tomorrow’s jobs do not exist today and the data reminds us that traditional schools are not preparing students for this reality. Here, we are changing that narrative and focusing on a Mission that nurtures a RICH and caring school environment. We believe the following concepts will be extremely important to our students’ path to college/careers as well as to their social emotional well being.

Resourcefulness (finding ways to overcoming difficulties)

Innovation (making new things, having creative ideas)

Collaboration (working effectively with others, being a good friend)

Hopefulness (feeling inspired to move forward)

To this end, Computer Science Concepts will also be threaded into many aspects of curriculum and all students at some point will be able to talk about algorithms, conditionals, loops, functions and debugging.

This year we will also focus specifically on the learning of new vocabulary for all students K-5.

Literacy: All students will engage in Project Based Learning or Units of Study that have either a social studies or science based theme. They will read independently every day and in small groups guided by the teacher approximately twice a week. Students will engage in writing across all subject areas.

Kindergarten students will listen to readings every day and learn 42 phonemes (Jolly Phonics).

Math: All students will actively engage in reasoning routines, number talks and a variety of written tasks from various sources (such as EngageNY) as a way to ensure that they can show their work as well as talk about it. Teachers will provide regular feedback, encourage students to persevere, reason abstractly and quantitatively and make sense of problems. You will receive an overview at the beginning of each math unit along with various strategies for you to help your child.

Afterschool Programs: This year, we will partner with the Boys and Girls Club as a way to align instruction in arts, sports, STEM, social emotional learning and homework help with PS 62’s vision for 300 students in K-5 until 5:30 five days a week. Registration will take place at the school on September 11th from 3-7pm for returning students and Sept. 12th for students new to the program. Call Naomi at extension #3 for all inquiries.

Throughout the year, we will communicate with you in various ways including our online systems: SchoolCNXT App (everyone should download and use this app), school website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and our more traditional manner via your child’s backpack.

We encourage you to volunteer in your child’s class by being a ‘Mystery Reader’ or by sharing something from your career or culture. Teacher’s will regularly invite you to share in end of unit events throughout the year and of course to our Annual Events, Publishing Day and MakerFaire.

We look forward to a happy and productive school year.

Yours sincerely,

Angela O’Dowd