English Language Learners (ELL) / Multi-Language Learners (MLL)

At P.S. 62 the ENL team services 145 students in grades K-5. The languages spoken by these students are ; Spanish, Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu. We have 2 ENL teachers who service these students in a Pull-out setting. ENL teachers work closely with classroom teachers supporting the curriculum. This is done through Vocabulary routines, language scaffolds and other Instructional routines embedded with the HMH Into reading program. 

Meet the ENL Team

Merwyn Viegas services ENL students in grades 3-5. He is certified in Special Education, Common branches and TESOL. Mr. Viegas speaks Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Konkani and has been working in South Richmond Hill from 2006. He uses various teaching and instructional routines to support all learners. He regularly speaks with parents and provides workshops to parents on various ways they can help their children academically.

Malgorzata Rogos is an ENL teacher and works with Kindergarten, 1st and 2th grade ELL/MLL students. She has been teaching at PS062 for 12 years. She is certified TESOL, Common Branches and Special Education. In addition, she holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Art Education.  Mrs. Rogos uses a variety of ENL strategies to support learning of all the levels of ELL/MLL students she works with. She incorporates Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing into scaffolded HMH Reading lessons. Mrs. Rogos also teaches language concepts such as grammar, vocabulary and word building skills that are aligned with the current skills the students are working on in their classes. She meets regularly with parents to inform them about their children’s ENL progress.