Computer Science & Innovation

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Makerspace in the Classroom

All classrooms at PS 62 have a Makerspace, allowing students to explore, problem-solve and engage in challenges using raw materials such as masking tape, cardboard, string, paint, glue, fabric, straws, and a 3D printer. We have 39 classrooms that are engaged in this practice.

Maker Faire
Every Spring PS 62 celebrates innovation with a Maker Faire to celebrate student projects. Children, families and teachers all make projects and bring them to school to share. Many of the projects are functional, so there is much fun to be had playing the games and demonstrating their uses.

Students at PS62 engage in design challenges using the engineering process with a STEM teacher. Students learn to work in teams to solve mini challenges. The teacher helps students to discover fundamental principles that incorporate science, technology, engineering, and math. Students also self-reflect on their processes while working together as a team.