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Humans and Their Environment

Class 5-309 has been learning about how human activity has impacted our environment in positive and negative ways.  Information on this topic has been conducted through class readings, video-clips, articles, websites, and news broadcasts.  To go along with their persuasive writing piece culminating this unit, a group of students decided to create a public service announcement informing others of the issue.  They chose to present their findings, views, and suggestions through a Powerpoint presentation and iMovie.  Their enthusiasm and beliefs on the topic shine through best with their hard work and dedication.

Humans and their Environment

Fifth grade students created projects out of reusable materials.  Click on the following 'How To' projects to learn how recycling and reusing helps our environment.

How To Build a Robot by Kavindra from class 5-209

How to Make Baby Food Jar Animals by Janine from class 5-209

How to Make a Twig Pencil Holder by Amanda & Tiffany from class 5-262