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Genre Study: Fiction

For the fifth grade Genre Study Unit, students selected a fairy tale character and wrote a story in that characters point of view. Using Voki's students brought their character to life.  They used their imagination to create their character and the setting as well as typing out their script.  Listening to their Voki's enabled students to edit any errors.

click on the following links:

Big Bad Werewolf by Brajendra
Little Red Riding Hood by Briana & Dylan R
The Hood by Vashti
Goldilocks by Marisha
Snow White by Vanessa Z & Tatiana
The Big Bad Wolf by
Rapunzel by Angelisa
Little Pig by Vanessa F. & Neal
Snow White by Janine & Anmol
Red Riding Hood By Justin & Melina
Big Hood by Emily
Goldilocks by Mashfik
Bad Wolf by Jasmin & Dillon B
Papa Elvis Bear by Tyler
Little Red Riding Hood by Kalyani and Ashley
Sleeping Beauty by Teresa