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Genre Study - Voki's

Fifth grade students have been immersed in various genres.  During technology class decided to focus on fairy tales where the students were able to create their own Voki's.   They chose a popular fairly tale and changed the ending.  The students pretended to be a character in the fairy tale and tell the story from that character's point of view.  They utilized technological skills and the web-based program Voki to create an avatar that represented their character.  To complete this assignment, students had to create an appropriate character, select a background, revise and edit their story.

Big Bad Werewolf by Brajendra
Little Red Riding Hood by Briana & Dylan R
The Hood by Vashti
Goldilocks by Marisha
Snow White by Vanessa Z & Tatiana
The Big Bad Wolf by 
Rapunzel by Angelisa
Little Pig by Vanessa F. & Neal
Snow White by Janine & Anmol
Red Riding Hood By Justin & Melina
Big Hood by Emily
Goldilocks by Mashfik
Bad Wolf by Jasmin & Dillon B
Papa Elvis Bear by Tyler
Little Red Riding Hood by Kalyani and Ashley
Sleeping Beauty by Teresa