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Author Study

The Magical World of Roald Dahl

When students in 5-300 began their study of Roald Dahl’s writing, they immediately fell in love with his magical style. As part of our author study, students were broken into five book club groups in which they read a R. Dahl book on their independent reading level. After finishing our study of his literary style, we wanted to create a way to share our knowledge. Each group chose to create a puppet show.  First, we crafted a script based on the plot.  Then we used our imagination to create our puppets.  Special thanks to Ms. Monetti for supplying us with some materials to create the puppets.  After filming with a Flip-camera, we uploaded our selected clips to i-Movie and created a presentation. Check out the clips below to enter 5-300’s Magical Roald Dahl experience!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Twits

The Witches

The Magic Finger


The fifth graders read books written by various authors and identified themes and techniques these authors used.  Using the facts they learned about their author they created a Glog.  Students used their knowledge of downloading animated images and videos to include in their Glogs.  They also learned how to link a Google Doc and various interactive websites to their project.

Click below to view more Glogs.

Maninder & Sohail

Skyla and Eliza


Amanda and Hannah

Arshdeep and Simranjit

Daniel and Emily

Josh and Matthew

Leo and Poonam

Christopher and Simran

Ambika and Raveena

Maria and Maria

Amisha and Roshini

Alana and Chrissandra

Kyara and Valerie