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Leaders and Role Models

2nd grade students completed a unit on leaders and role models where they learned all about many people from the past who helped change our world as well as people from the present who are working now to change the world we live in.   We realized that their are many role models in our school!

Mrs. Clark and 2-205 did an extra special project on an extra special person at PS 62, Mrs. Carmella. She has been here for years and has touched so many students and adults lives.  Class 2-205 created questions for her.  They also did all the interviewing and filming themselves! Way to go!

2-205 Presents: A Special Role Model for

 Each class picked a person or a group of people to "spy" on.  We studied them and took note of all of the amazing things they do for our school.

Here are other 2nd grade iMovie projects that honor the people in our school who make it such a wonderful and special place to learn!

2-208 We Love Ms. Jesse

2-252 Thanks Lunchroom Staff

2-252 Thanks Ms. Donna

Mrs. Boyce- our role model

2-208 Thanks Custodians

2-212 Thanks Safety Officers

2-205 Thanks Ms. Ruffo

Mr. Chung- a role model

Ms. Irene, Thank you!