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Middle School Open House 2018-2019


Please check out individual middle school websites for updated information they may have regarding tours and open houses.

Here is some information about upcoming events

1.      Scholars’ Academy:

          Scholars' Academy will be hosting its Info Sessions & Tours for prospective students on November 7, 8 and 9 starting at 9:00 am sharp. All guests must register in order to attend. The registration link is available now- https://www.scholarsnyc.com/about-us/ms-admissions.

Parents & students MUST register online at their website in order to attend. Parents can register at 

​Seats are limited and registration is on a first come first served basis. Parents should register for only one of the sessions.

    2.      Channel View School:

            **Open House: October 17, 6-7pm

    3.      Preparatory Academy for Writers: A College Board school:

            **Open House: October 18, 6-8pm

                                   October 20, 10am-12pm

                                   October 25, 6-8pm

                                   October 27, 10am-12pm

    4.      Village Academy Middle School

                                      **Open House: Tuesday, October 16, 6-7pm & Thursday, October 18, 10-11:30am
    5.      Academy of Medical Technology
                                      **Open House:

    6.      Young Women's Leadership School, Jamaica

    **Open House:
    7. Waterside School for Leadership

    **Open House:

    1.        Young Women's Leadership School, Astoria
                                     **Open House: October 20, 9-11am
                                                            October 23, 6-8pm
                                                            November 10, 9-11am
                                                            November 19, 6-8pm

    1.        Philipa Schuyler
                                     **Open House:

    2. Louis Armstrong
    **Open House: Saturday, October 20, 9am & Monday, November 5, 5pm

    3. George Jackson Academy
                                     **Admissions Exam:

    4. De La Salle Academy
                                     **Entrance Exams:

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