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September, 2018

The Chancellor's Regulations mandate a minimum time allotment on homework for students throughout the City. At PS62Q, we have determined that students must spend minimum of  1 hour daily on homework.

Students should:

·    record all assignments in the homework notebook

·    have a quiet place to work with no distractions

·    work to the best of their ability

·    assume responsibility for getting and doing missed assignment

Parents Should:

·    provide support and encouragement that is crucial for the child's performance

·    show interest and concern for the child's success

·    ask about assignments and help, when requested by child

·    expect students to be given homework regularly

·    request homework assignment for extended absences


All children should take home a book to read every evening (children in the lower grades should carry theirs in a zip-lock bag).
Homework assignments are posted on class websites.