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Arrival and Dismissal

September, 2018

1. School hours are as follows:

     Regular hours

     Monday - Friday 8:00-2:20 


Please be on time: The school day starts promptly at 8:00 am. Students who arrive late will be required to enter through the main entrance and get a late pass at the security desk. 

Free breakfast is available for all students starting at 7:20am.

2. Early Pick-up

      > If your child is ill, please go to the main office after you have signed in at the security desk. School personnel will then notify the nurse of your arrival. You may not go directly to the nurse’s office. 

     > If you are picking up your child early, be sure to send a note to your child’s teacher. Children may not be excused from school before dismissal time unless called for by an adult, who must report to the office to sign the child out.  A secretary will notify the teacher who will then send the child to the office.  No child may be released to a person who is not listed on the emergency home contact card.

For safety reasons, students will only be released to those people listed on the Emergency Home Contact Information form. Be sure to keep your emergency contact information up to date.

Only an adult or sibling (18 or older) or relative that is named on the blue contact card can pick up children at dismissal. Children may walk home unescorted if the school has a written permission on file.