Cyberbullying in NYC schools: A growing threat


Cyberbullying is bullying or harassment that happens online. It can happen in an email, a text message, an online game, or comments on a social networking site. It might involve rumors or images posted on someone’s profile or passed around for others to see, or creating a group or page to make a person feel left out. The best way to protect your kids online is to Talk to them.


Socializing online can help kids connect with friends, and even their family members, but it’s important to help you child learn how to navigate these spaces safely. 


Resources on cyberbullying-

·      Cyberbullying Research Center:

·      STOP Cyberbullying:

·      Net Smartz:

·      Common Sense Media:


A parent guide: Chatting with Kids About Being Online will be given out at November parent teacher conference. Make sure to come to the conference.