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Kindergarten Beginner and Intermediate

Cycle 1: School and My family

Cycle 2: Seasons and Plants

Cycle 3: Farm animals, Living and Non-Living

Jolly Phonics: 42 Letter Sounds

Cycle 1: Knowing the base code of 42 sounds in English will help me identify and read words and sentences.

Cycle 2: Blending and Segmenting 
Knowing how to blend and segment using sounds will help me read words and sentences more fluently.

Kindergarten Advanced

Cycle 1-  School and My family

Cycle 2- Basic needs

Cycle 3-  My Home

First Grade Advanced

Cycle 1- My Family

Cycle 2- Shooting for the sun

Cycle 3 Creature Features

Grade 1 and 2 Beginners

Cycle 1 : My Family

Cycle 2: Wind, Rain and Snow- Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Cycle 3: Creature Features

Grade2 Intermediate/Advanced

Cycle 1: Hello, Neighbor.

Cycle 2: Lend a Hand

Cycle 3: Staying Alive

Jolly Phonics- Grade 1&2 Beginners/Intermediate

E.Q. Knowing the vowels and their alternative spellings will help me read and 

write independently. 

3, 4th and 5th Grade Beginners and Intermediates

Cycle 1: Happy to Help

Cycle 2: Nature’s Balance

Cycle 3: Let’s Work Together

4th Grade Advance:

Cycle 1: Living Traditions

Cycle2: Power of Nature

Cycle 3: Animal Intelligence

5Th grade Advance:

Cycle1: Crossing Between Cultures

Cycle 2: Catching the Sun

Cycle 3: Justice