Endangered Animals

After studying endangered and extinct animals, class 4-261 went on a class trip to the Queens Zoo and visited the endangered animals in the zoo as well as the extinct graveyard.  They then researched the animals found in the zoo that were endangered and the animals that were extinct in the graveyard to find out what caused the animals to become either endangered or extinct.  After conducting research, the students came up with ways human beings can help the endangered animals and prevent them from becoming extinct.  Each group of students prepared a speech based on their research and used imovie to report their findings long with photographs taken at the zoo of the endangered animals and in the extinct graveyard.

The Truth About Endangered and Extinct Animals by 4-261

For this project our class became Environmental and Animal Activists.  We studied endangered and extinct animals.  Not only did we classify the animals affected, but we also researched what led to this classification.  Our research included environmental factors as well as human behavior that push these animals to the brink of extinction.  Once we knew what caused the loss of many species worldwide, it was up to us to take action and prevent this from happening again.  We hope this film will encourage you to take action and protect our planet’s future.

Mr. Nieves and class 4-214.

Endangered Bald Eagles by 4-214

Endangered Cheetahs by 4-214

Endangered Blue Whale by 4-214

Endangered Sharks by 4-214

Class 4-302 learned about the effects of human activity and other factors that are responsible for animals that are highly endangered.  We worked in groups to make a public service announcement describing the causes that make animals endangered.  Images showing evidence of endangered animals  were taken  from Google and were transported onto our iMovie.  We worked on different slides recording our voices, explaining the causes of endangered animals.  The flip camera was used to video tape our message to our audience, persuading them to take action and prevent animals from becoming extinct.

The Endangered Polar Bear 

In conjunction with their writing unit the fourth graders created a Public Service Announcement via Voicethread to discuss the issues of endangered animals.

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