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After reading many books by Roald Dahl the students in class, 5-271 were asked to create either a Google Presentation or a Powerpoint Presentation with slides of information including:  why Roald Dahl is one of the most celebrated children's writer, information regarding Roald Dahl's childhood and his early adulthood, how Roald Dahl's life shaped his writing style, Roald Dahl's themes in his books, Roald Dahl's most famous books, and information about his later life.

Roald Dahl


Roald Dahl


The Fantastic Roald Dahl


The Amazing Author Roald Dahl

CLASS 5-307




Johanna Hurwitz is an award-winning author of over 70 children’s books. When we began our Author Study of Johanna Hurwitz’s work we were especially excited because Johanna Hurwitz visited our school last June! Most of us had read at least one book by Johanna Hurwitz. As a class, we read her book “De De Takes Charge.” Then in literature groups we read different books by her. Each group analyzed the writing techniques of Johanna Hurwitz and compared the characters in her books to characters in her other books, and to ourselves. We enjoyed her books so much because the characters are always children, and they are always easy to relate to. Once our Author Study was completed a group of students paired up to create Google Presentations describing Johanna Hurwitz, her life, accomplishments and our opinions of our books. We hope you enjoy our presentations!

The Magical World of Roald Dahl

When students in 5-207 began their study of Roald Dahl’s writing, they immediately fell in love with his magical style.  As part of our author study, students were broken into seven literature circle groups in which they read a R. Dahl book on their independent reading level.  After finishing our study of his literary style, we wanted to create a way to share our knowledge.  Each group chose a different presentation method.  Some chose to create an iMovie.  After filming with a Flip-camera, we uploaded our selected clips to iMovie and created a presentation.  Special thanks to Ms. Shah and our student helper Amrit for helping us with this process.  Others chose a voice thread in which they recorded their voices along with their artwork.  Another group wanted to create a slide-show of their knowledge and used Google Docs to create a presentation.  Check out the clips below to enter 5-207’s Magical Roald Dahl experience!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Impressed with R. Dahl’s poetry, this group combined a puppet show based on the book as well as a recitation of R. Dahl’s poem with their own added twist.  Click on the video to see their work.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Magic Finger

Mabel and Eddie chose to share their love of R. Dahl’s book by creating a rap song based on the text. They drew artwork based on the illustrator Quentin Blake’s work and recorded a voice thread of their original rap. Special thanks to Ms. Shah for helping us record our voice-thread. Check it out below:

The Witches
This group decided to create a play based on R. Dahl’s book. Rather than just recreate the plot, they decided to create a sequel and even wrote their own song! Check it out below:

The Witches 

George’s Marvelous Medicine, The Twits and The Fantastic Mr. Fox
These groups each chose to create a puppet show based on the plot of their literature circle book. After watching a short movie on Jim Henson’s puppets, they were inspired to create their own. Special thanks to Ms. Monetti for donating some of the supplies we used to create our puppets. We couldn’t have done it without her!

George's Marvelous Medicine

The Twits

Fantastic Mr. Fox

The B.F.G.
This group chose to share their knowledge of R. Dahl and this particular work of literature through a Google Presentation. Through the world of Google Docs, students were able to all work simultaneously on various slides. Learn all about R. Dahl and The B.F.G by clicking on the presentation below.

The 5th graders read books written by Roald Dahl and Johanna Hurwitz and then created a glog on their author.  Take a look and learn about these great authors.

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